Basketball and the county of Bærum are two closely connected concepts. Basketball was introduced to Norway in Bærum, and the sport has grown with Bærum as its center. Bærum is still the county with the most Norwegian championships. Bærum Basketballklubb was founded March 13th, 1963 and Bærum was the first basketball club that became member of the Norwegian Sports Association (NIF). In the 1970s, the best clubs in Norway were Bærums Verk and Sandvika (both located in Bærum).

We are the four basketball clubs in Bærum (EB-85, Lommedalen, Bærums Verk and Sanvika ) have decided to join forces and call themselves Bærum Basket. The club will provide for the best possible means for talented basketball players in Bærum to develop and flourish. Bærum Basket was founded spring 2009.

Bærums Verk IF is one of the largest and oldest sports clubs in the country and it encompasses several different sports. Sandvika was founded in 1967 and is one of the oldest basketball clubs in the country.  Lommedalen og EB-85, on the other hand, have had a primary focus on teams for young boys and girls. Several players from Bærum have received national recognition: Pål Vik and Åsmund Berge were domination players in the 1970s. Since then the clubs that compromise Bærum Basket have together won 31 national championships plus several youth championships.

We believe it is crucial both for the sport and talented young players in Bærum that the county has a powerful and well-organized elite team. We wish to reach the top together primarily by giving Norwegian and local basketball talents a chance to develop and excel.

We will never be tempted to achieve short-term results, and our main focus will always be to develop talented Norwegian basketball players. We don’t think it is wise to use large part of our budget on foreign players. Foreign players will be recruited to Bærum Basket only if they can complement our team in positions where we have gaps. Bærum Basket doesn’t think we can buy long term success with money, and Bærum Basket will show that is possible to achieve good results with a relatively small budget.

Bærum Basket has the following goals:

  • To become the leading club in Norway for developing Norwegian basketball players.
  • To be the club of choice for all ambitious and talented players in Bærum.
  • To have a local focus with most of its players reqruited from the four cooperating clubs.
  • To be a visible and major player in our community by creating interest for our sport, and generating respect for our values.